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As part of our initial survey when a new client signs up to a support contract, we'll review their current software and licensing requirements. This includes whether they have protection against online threats such as viruses, spam and phishing emails. As AVG resellers we're able to advise on which Anti Virus solutions are suitable and what protection the varying protects provide.

We often find that backups are a subject which is only reviewed when disaster strikes! We ensure that our clients have a solid disaster recovery plan which may include cloud (online) backups, backups to network drives such as a NAS device, a nightly backup to a local hard drive as well as the shadow copy features available on the Windows Server products.

Over the last few years we have implemented the Untangle Firewall software solution for a number of our clients. This is software that is installed on a dedicated device and protects your network. Additional 'Apps' can be purchased and installed which provide a wide range of features. Over and above the Firewall, these include a Spam Filter, Web Filter, WAN Balancer, WAN Failover, a Captive Portal and VPN solution. It can connect to Active Directory on your server and set policies by user, group and device.

Our full range of solutions include:

Backup Implementation
Installing and configuring software to automate the backup process - utilizing both on-premises and cloud storage

Anti-Virus Solutions
Keep your network safe with anti-virus products that are always up to date, centrally monitored and automatically installed

Make optimum use of your expensive hardware by using it for multiple virtual servers

Disaster Recovery
We can design a disaster recovery plan to ensure that if you lose data, there are multiple restore options available

Let us source your hardware and advise on software solutions to assist your business

Web Filtering & Firewalls
Protect your employees from inappropriate web content and your network from external attacks